Some say sugar is sugar. We say sugar is AGRAGOLD! For more than a decade AGRAGOLD has been present on the shelves of retail chains in Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and parts of the Western Balkans and it is an indispensable household ingredient. Although in the course of its existence AGRAGOLD brand has undergone changes in appearance, it has always retained its distinctive red packaging design and uncompromisingly high-quality sugar.

For large and small households, for all those who love to make cakes, desserts, cookies, marmalade or jams, or simply want to sweeten your hot or cold beverages, AGRAGOLD has the ideal product in its range of white sugar. All products under AGRAGOLD brand are manufactured to the highest standards of technology in the food industry. Their quality is controlled at all stages of the manufacturing process and supply of raw materials.

In addition to white sugar, in its assortment, AGRAGOLD also has cube sugar, powdered sugar and brown sugar. Soon it will expand the range to include a variety of other specialty sugars, in order to better meet the desires of our customers.